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March 20, 2018

Rep. Smith Announces Senate Passage of HB 852


ATLANTA- State Representative Michael Smith (D-Marietta) today announced that the Georgia State Senate passed House Bill 852 on Monday, March 19, 2018, by a vote of 54-1. Sponsored by Rep. Smith, HB 852 would give local boards of education the option to allow students who move during the school year to continue to be enrolled in and attend a public school force remained off the school year. 

"I was proud to champion HB 852, and I'd like to thank the Senate for overwhelmingly approving of this legislation," said Rep. Smith. "Moving schools in the middle of the academic year can cause students tremendous amount of stress, and this bill seeks to alleviate some of this stress by allowing students who move to attend their original school for the duration of the school year".

HB 852 would authorize local education boards to allow to allow students who mov during the school year  to another attendance zone within the local school system to continue to be enrolled in and attend such initial public school through the end of the school year. Under HB 852, parents would be responsible for transporting students to and from school, as well as for any costs incurred from such transportation. This measure would only apply to students that have been enrolled in and attend a public school for more than half of a than half of the school year. Students who have chronic disciplinary or attendance problems would be excluded from the provisions of this bill. 


HB 852 will now go to Governor Nathan Deal for consideration. HB 852 requires the governor's signature in order to take effect.

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March 15, 2018

Legislation Introduced to Assist Law Enforcement With Crisis Intervention


On March 15, 2o18, State Representative Michael Smith (D-Marietta) drafted a House Resolution proposing mandatory training for Law Enforcement in the event of a crisis. This resolution was sent to the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee for review. With this training police officers will be better equipped to interact with those experiencing emotional, physical, or behavioral distress.

For more details on HR 1593, please click here

February 6, 2018

Rep. Smith Proposes HB 819

On February 1, 2018, State Representative Michael Smith (D-Marietta) drafted a House Bill 819, proposing provisions on elections, voter registration, and polling places. This bill would allow voters to change their addresses and vote on primary and election days, and ensure that the polling place for these voters are within 25 miles. Additionally, this bill provide that no polling place shall be closed within 90 days of a primary or election and proposes additional polling places be added. HB 819 was sent to the Governmental Affairs Committee. With this bill voters will be more easily able to get to their correct polling places .

For more details on HB 819, please click here

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