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I am State Representative Michael Smith and here are the 3 reasons why I believe you should re-elect me.

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1.      In a Republican controlled legislature  only 8 Democrats have managed  to pass a law in 6 years and I am one of them. (Rep. Smith HB 852)

2.      I’ve served this community as an educator for the Cobb County School District, youth mentor, and a youth coach, all of which require strong background checks.

3.      I am a compassionate advocate for you and I always cast my vote at the Capitol with you and your family in mind, that is why I voted for HB 429 to expand health coverage to people who have pre-existing conditions and children with autism. Click this link to see to see my vote: (Smith, 41st).

From the very beginning of my campaign I have made this election about our community and the issues:


Increasing access to higher education, increasing vocational education and job training programs in our high schools, and building strong local economies and spurring job creation. Visit my website for more details:


Please watch this video to see why so many of your neighbors have decided to support my re-election.

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